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With over 50% of websites on the internet using WordPress, the CMS represents one of the most versatile, and secure development platforms available for clients and developers alike.

At IOMMI Designs our team has taken hundreds of WordPress-based development projects from installation and configuration, to implementation. We bring an extensive knowledge of PHP programming, as well as WordPress core, libraries and best-practices to each project.

For our clients that means, cutting edge websites developed with custom-built themes and plugins to suit their specific needs.

With WordPress We Can Offer:

  • Quick, efficient website implementations, perfect for businesses on time-sensitive launch schedules.
  • An intuitive interface that makes it extremely easy to upload new content or make edits on the fly. So even novice computer users can manage their online presence with ease.
  • A vast library of helpful pre-built tools and features which we can use to enhance the security and functionality of your website. If you want to offer website users specific capabilities that standard plugins don’t account for, we can custom build tools to your preferences.
  • Highly customizable themes, templates and designs that guarantee an aesthetic and ergonomically pleasing user experience.
  • Best in class performance and browsing speeds.
  • Optimized maintenance and fixes for any issues you might face moving forward.

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