Businesses in every sector are extending their online presence to include targeted advertising, and accessible purchasing through proprietary mobile apps.

When you consider the fact that a bad mobile browsing experience can send 40% of customers towards market competitors, you know your business needs a leg-up.

At IOMMI Designs we can give your business the boost it needs across all devices, on iOS or Android.

Before we even begin the design and development phase we’ll be working with various departments of your organization to better understand:

  • The main functions of your mobile app, and the primary marketing objectives it’s focused towards.
  • The target audience for your app, and the platforms they’re more likely to use to connect with your online offerings.
  • Unique features which will separate your app from competing products.
  • The development & launch timeline.
  • Your budget.

Once our mobile development team has completed preliminary research, we’ll work to build wire-frames and storyboards to show off how different features and tools in your app will link together. These models will include logos, colors, styles and fonts work to provide an even clearer picture.

When we’ve got your approval on the finished design we’ll identify the right technologies for your visual requirements and functional preferences. Whether we choose a readymade mobile backend platform or we choose to set up our own APIs, servers and databases to complete your app built; you can be assured that the final product will be tailored to your specific needs.


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