As the second most popular CMS on the internet, Joomla has a solid following amongst business-savvy users looking to truly personalize web experiences for target audiences.

As a truly versatile development platform, Joomla can easily integrate various types of media such as: custom-designed product catalogs, photo galleries, interactive videos, community forums and data-heavy software applications. Due to these multi-functional capabilities, Joomla is often the preferred choice for E-commerce sites and web service portals.

Additional Joomla Benefits Include::

  • Quick, easy deployment.
  • Extensive community support and consistent updates.
  • Purpose-built maintenance options for management of user controls and authentications, media files and directories, website banners and contact information.
  • Multiple authentications that allow content edits and updates from several users at the same time.
  • SEO extensions that make your website more appealing to search engine crawlers.

At IOMMI Designs our in-depth working knowledge of Joomla plugins, modules and components; can help you leverage this CMS to the fullest.

Our services begin with the installation and setup of your scalable Joomla website. We’ll then identify the tools and plugins you required for your site, and set to work redesigning them to fit into the overall look and feel of your brand offerings. Additionally, we can build custom themes, templates and components to suit your specific needs.

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