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Did you know that 34% of businesses sell their products and services through their own websites and that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online? Can you afford to miss out on all those sales opportunities?

At IOMMI Designs we build online storefronts that compare to any brick-and-mortar retail store.

With E-Commerce Integration We Can Offer:

  • First, we’ll take into account varied factors such as industry, product/service range, buyer personas and brand image to plan and design your store.
  • Then we’ll transfer existing ERP/CRM systems and databases to ensure a smooth transition for customers. Platforms we’ve worked with in the past include: Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, and Salesforce.
  • Next, we integrate a secure, payment system that guarantees safe, hassle-free transactions for buyers. Whether you prefer to work with Paypal, Google Checkout or VeriSign we can accommodate.
  • After that, we’ll develop individual webpages that encompass your entire range of products and services, with images, descriptions and purchase links included.
  • Using your existing content we’ll develop a content plan that takes into account your brand image, user navigation and site functionality and online buying habits.
  • We’ll also conduct extensive keyword research and use this analysis to optimize, links, on-page descriptions and landing pages in line with up-to-date SEO practices.

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