CRM/ERP Development


Every business process can benefit from the best-in-class application technologies, developed specifically for the scale, scope, and characteristics of your operations.

Together ERP and CRM technologies represent a complete suite of tools that can help to streamline activities, reduce inefficiencies, improve deliveries and cut costs across all functions of your business. From sales & marketing to accounting, to HR, to customer service and social media management, this software can help you optimize every aspect of your organization.

Benefits Include:

  • More efficient interactions between business units.
  • Standardization of working practices.
  • Optimized management of current and prospective customer relationships.
  • Cutting edge performance management systems which include: KPIs for workers across all departments focused training programs, automation of routine tasks.
  • Accurate inventory accounting.
  • Better, more timely decision making based on real-time analytics.

At IOMMI Designs we can custom build CRM and ERP solutions that are suited for your business needs. Whether you need to update existing systems or integrate purpose-specific software into an underperforming function; we have the expertise, and technology to make your business work better.

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