Zoho/Quickbooks API


Zoho offers an extensive portfolio of cloud-based business applications that can assist your business with a variety of departmental functions, and overall management needs.

Zoho Applications Include:

  • Zoho Docs provides basic word processing and spreadsheet applications that can be created, shared and edit online. Time-sensitive projects can be uploaded, distributed, edited and revised between authorized users. There’s even in-app chat feature to aid closer collaboration.
  • Zoho CRM provides a full suite of tools for managing existing customers as well as sales and marketing leads. The application allows you filter and prioritizes your business contacts based on importance. You can segment customers and develop tailored promotional campaigns for each group. The CRM software also has a built-in analytics tools that allow you to draw focused marketing insights regarding customer behavior and buying preferences.
  • Using CRM software you can automate email and social media marketing campaigns. The app provides focused data on responses and click-through rates allowing you to better prioritize your customer relationships.
  • The sales tool will help you analyze customer histories for future selling and up-selling opportunities.

Quickbooks Applications Include:

  • Quickbooks is affordable, easy to implement and a breeze to run.
  • Once set-up it can immediately be put to work recording, organizing and processing your organization’s financial information in line with applicable accounting standards.
  • It’s vertically integrated with a variety of sector-specific software tools used in sales, construction and healthcare.
  • It allows you track income and expenses accurately over the year, so your business is prepared when tax season comes around.
  • Automatically generates your payroll, taking into account insurance, benefits and tax deductions.
  • Offers inventory tracking and purchase order creation capabilities.
  • Allows you to keep track of outstanding debts and exceeded credit limits, optimizing your receivables collections in the process.
  • Allows you to process and print custom-made professional reports that can be used to gain a greater understanding of your business’s financial position.

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