The volume and variety of data your business is processing on a daily basis are at an all-time high, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to be able to accurately process that information and extract relevant insights for your operations.

With over 430,000 users across 175 countries, Oracle is one of the most widely used and highly trusted database management systems available. It’s used to form collect and organize data for large-scale global enterprises which are required to manage and process data across multiple networks. While Oracle is certainly an effective back-end tool for web and mobile applications, its primary purpose usage is in the development of business-oriented apps. The power and speedy support offered by our Oracle-based apps make them perfect your ERP, HCM and CRM software.

SQL Server is a similar legacy database management system from Microsoft. It provides best-in-class performance, affordable integration with Android and iOS devices and advanced in-database analytics tools free of cost. Both Oracle and SQL have become increasingly optimized for cloud computing usage in recent years.

For small to medium-sized businesses that require speedy data collection and processing, MYSQL has generally been the preferred database system. It also provides far better functionality and integration with web-based applications. Due to the range of third-party tools available for MYSQL app implementations are generally quick and easy; because the system is free an implementation of your infrastructure is also far more cost-effective.

MongoDB is a relatively new DMS that is becoming increasingly popular as of late. Unlike the previous three SQL based systems, Mongo is better suited for the dynamic requirement of modern customers and businesses. Mongo based apps are developed faster, and handle more diverse data sets with greater ease; applications are also far easier to scale up in relation to the needs of growing businesses. Best of all this higher performance does not come with added infrastructure costs; in fact, MongoDB is by far the most cost-effective data management system available.

Our strong working knowledge of database systems like Oracle, SQL Mongo DB and MYSQL gives us the ability to record, collect, and define relationships between vast stores of data from various areas of your enterprise. That means you get custom-built applications that can quickly draw from a diverse array of well-managed data in the blink of an eye. In turn, that gives you the ability to manage operations far more efficiently.

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