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We utilize a range of Javascript frameworks to quickly build interactive, attractive and supremely functional websites for our clients.

Node.js is a back-end platform which allows Javascript to be run on your servers and local computers. By running Javascript on both the server and the browser we can achieve synchronous processing between requests from clients and responses from your servers.

That means your website can handle real-time two-way communication and data exchanges between you and your users. When it comes to building fast, scalable web applications that can easily deal with heavy traffic, and multiple simultaneous connections, there’s no better technology to build on.

Built and maintained by dedicated Google engineers, Angular.js is currently the most popular and widely used Javascript framework for building dynamic websites. Essentially it can extend static HTML frameworks to become responsive to a variety of different inputs and conditions. The dependency injection and data binding features contained in Angular, also help to automate and streamline much of the coding otherwise required for website development.

In Practice That Means We Can:

  • Build flexible video streaming apps.
  • Support product and service review capabilities on your website.
  • Build website applications that draw from real-time information on a variety of databases, based on the search query the user inputs.
  • Build websites that allow for user-generated content, including profiles, project uploads, as well as on-site communications.
  • Integrate desktop and mobile Ecommerce features into your applications.
  • Optimized maintenance and fixes for any issues you might face moving forward.

Websites created with the help of Bootstrap.js are:

  • Unique and easy to differentiate.
  • Easily adapt to various screen sizes as users switch between mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Easy to prototype and test.
  • Build websites that allow for user-generated content, including profiles, project uploads, as well as on-site communications.
  • Equally compatible across all browsers.
  • Consistently designed and coded over all pages.

For responsive, mobile-first website builds Bootstrap.js is a must-have Javascript technology. Essentially the framework provides us with a whole host of multi-functional CSS objects including, buttons, labels, textboxes, controls, and forms which help us develop an attractive on-the-go website in short order.

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