Microsoft .Net is the leading platform developing cross-compatible software applications for internet and mobile.

Using the array of programs available on the platform we can build complex capabilities such as voice recognition, image analysis and signal processing into your apps in a secure and effective manner.

With .Net we can:

  • Significantly reduce the coding requirements and therefore the time to launch your custom-built application.
  • Code on the platform using a variety of different languages.
  • Build and test app prototypes that exactly match the user experience.
  • Implement robust security confirmation and configuration procedures to protect the privacy of your users.
  • Best in class performance and browsing speeds.
  • Easily edit applications.

The programming language most closely associated with development on .Net is C#. Because of this association, C# coding is extremely well supported on Windows platforms, making it the first choice for any Windows-based web or desktop application.
From text-only applications to user-friendly interfaces, and even scalable web applications, our years of experience working with C# on .Net platforms can help us build a wide variety of business-friendly tools that serve different functions with your organization.

Xamarin is a relatively new mobile-specific development tool which allows developers to write C#-apps and share them across multiple platforms. Effectively this allows us to bring the functionality, and power of desktop applications to Android and iOS devices. However, this cross-functionality doesn’t come at the expense of platform-specific features; Xamarin has specific .Net classes for iOS and Android, so we can design native experiences that suit your target audiences.

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