Today, any webpage you visit will make extensive use of this programming language to provide structure, and proper formatting to the pictures, texts, frames and other elements which make up the user interface

HTML has been the industry standard for coding websites since the early days of the internet. Our experienced HTML developers can deliver hand-coded projects that incorporate all manner of elements from JPG and PNG files to GIFs and BMP designs.

For more minute control, and additional creativity we augment our HTML capabilities with CSS implementations. CSS allows designers to separate content from layout; this gives our team the ability to coordinate, background, colors, font sizes and image placements over your entire website. These sorts of modifications are especially important when it comes time to plan website functionality for different platforms, a simple CSS edit lets us make slight adjustments to interfaces for a wide variety of devices and browsers, quickly and effectively.

But before we can organize and design websites, we have to ensure that the user interface can accurately collect and display information in an accessible, intuitive manner. This functionality is achieved through the use of PHP. From accurate dates and times and internal search engine to online tools which display updated content from your company databases; any sort of dynamic information exchange is based upon accurate PHP coding.

At IOMMI Designs, our web development team has extensive experience working with both front and back-end programming languages. With PHP, we can dynamic data processing features to your webpages. While our HTML and CSS competencies are used to add cohesive, aesthetically pleasing style and formatting.

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