Businesses that want to connect with tech-savvy consumers can’t afford to neglect any part of the market.

That means you need apps that are guaranteed to provide the same native functionality and visual appeal across both iOS and Android platforms. However, there are important differences between the platforms which require cross-functional competencies for each platform. For our clients that means, cutting edge websites developed with custom-built themes and plugins to suit their specific needs.

Our App Development Services:

  • Android apps are developed using Java (although in recent years Google has looked to supplant this with a more intuitive coding language known as Kotlin), while iOS apps are created on a proprietary platform known as Swift.
  • Developers also require different development platforms for each type of device, with Android apps created on Android Studio and iOS developed on XStudio.
  • While Android apps are developed based on pre-set Google guidelines governing color palettes, and formatting; iOS apps offer far more room for creativity.
  • While iOS apps are manually reviewed for admittance into the App Store, Play Store apps are reviewed using an automated system. Your app will need to be optimized to get past strict criteria to be available in both stores.
  • Best in class performance and browsing speeds.
  • Apple audiences are generally younger, better educated, more financially mobile and Western. Android customers are far more international, as a whole, they’re less likely to make in-app purchases.
  • Because of Android is used for a wide variety of devices app development is far more time consuming, products must be tested over a cross-section of phones to ensure no bugs are apparent. As a proprietary platform iOS is far simpler to develop for, and more cost-effective as well.
  • In-app advertisements are strongly discouraged on Apple apps and largely ignored on Android devices.

At IOMMI Designs, our mobile app development team brings years of experience working with both platforms to the fore. Whether we need to optimize your app for Apple’s powerful, unified iCloud based products, or Android’s more disparate devices with varying features and hardware capacities, we have the expertise to provide native functionality for all of your customers.

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